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Intelligent Virtual Agent

Automate routine tasks and resolve your customer inquiries through the power of Artificial Intelligence


  • Overcome spikes in call volume by handling millions of calls simultaneously
  • Service your customers 24/7, all days of the year, even outside Business hours
  • Completely eliminate wait times and delight your customers with quick self-service
  • Increase your customer agents’ productivity by offloading routine and simple tasks
  • Improve Customer Experience by up to 15%-20%
  • Lower your Customer service costs by up to 40%-50%
  • Reduce Average Handling time by up to 21%
  • Easily scale voicebots to meet your customer demands without training and human resource costs

Tex Bots

Open up a personalized text channel to solve your customer inquiries and reach out to them.


  • Hasstle free appointment confirmation without human intervention
  • Send Reminders, Book Appointments, and resolve issues through text
  • Open a new effective and personalized distribution channel by initiating communication through text bots
  • Send links, passwords, codes, and put an added layer of security through textbot
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition by initiating 2-way text communication

Connecting with a Person

Connecting with a Department

Conversational IVR (IVR Bot)

Remove the complexity of navigating a traditional IVR. Delight your customers by letting them access the right individual and department instantly.


  • Reduce wait times for customers
  • Deliver Convenient and Personalized Self-Service
  • Minimize customer churn and increase User experience
  • Maximize Productivity and Save Costs
  • Scale and meet you customer support needs in a cost-effective manner

Automated Outbound Automation

Empower your customer service, sales and marketing team and directly impact your top line


  • Two way communication- Welcome call, reminders, service calls, feedbacks, lead qualification calls, and renewal calls
  • Initiate outbound calls in sales campaign by prospecting a potential lead
  • Automate debt collection reminders, fee payment, or any other communication that requires action from customer
  • Increase marketing distribution and awareness of your services through personalized two-way text campaigns
  • Improve customer show ups, by confirming appointments and reminders through text and phone bots
  • Open up a new text/phone feedback channels and improve survey response rate

Outbound Marketing Campaigns

Log IT Request

Conversational IT Support

Provide efficient and effective support for your employees


  • Improve the efficiency of your organization by empowering your employees to self-serve
  • Reset Passwords
  • Log IT requests
  • Fetch Information
  • Check status of Issues
  • Improve communication between departments, functional group, and sub organizations

Website Chatbot

Our Dynamic chatbot can automate every customer interaction on your website to deliver actionable outcomes at a lower cost


  • Deliver Convenient and Personalized Self-Service
  • Educate Customers instantly through fetching information
  • Empower customers/employees to self-serve while creating efficiencies
  • Get instant answers to FAQ to delight customers
  • Increase your customer agents’ productivity by offloading routine and simple tasks
  • Track and Manage orders
  • Automate Ticket Resolution
  • Reclaim thousands of hours by automating routine tasks