Lower customer support
costs by up to 50%

Backed by conversational AI technology, Mery automates simple and repetitive tasks, such as customer inquiries, eliminating the need for human intervention.

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Automate 40-80% of your inquiries

Mery helps you resolve automate customer inquiries faster, so that your human agents can focus on more complex tasks.

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Reduce Average Handling Time by 21%

Mery resolves your customer inquiries faster, so that your support team can be more efficient

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Improve Customer Service by 15-20%

Mery can take 900+ calls simultaneously, eliminating hold times for your customers, and drastically improving your customer experience

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We help a diverse range of customers…

Customer Experience Teams

Mery can help you save 25-50% in operational costs while increasing the productivity of your customer support team

Customer Experience Team

  • Ditch Complex IVRs and replace them with Intelligent conversational bots
  • Fetch Information such as Order number, Pricing, FAQ, claims etc.
  • Book tickets, meetings, and confirm appointments
  • Log Customer requests, and address them in your system

Employee Services Teams

Mery helps your deliver your employees services more effectively and efficiently

Employee Service and Support Team

  • Automatic Password resets
  • Intelligent IT support
  • Intelligent HR support
  • Intelligent Expense claim support

Sales and Marketing Teams

Mery empowers your sales and marketing teams by automating outreach campaigns

Sales and Marketing Teams

  • Automate personalized outreach
  • Initiate calls in Sales Campaign
  • Conduct personalized marketing campaigns through text or phone
  • Send personalized reminders to customers
  • Monitor buying signals of your customers
Mery’s Voice BOTs

We address thousands of unique applications

Mery’s Text BOTs

Reach your customers through a mobile text channel

  • Schedule Appointments

  • Log Maintenance Request

  • Order Food

Mery’s ChatBot

Reach your customers through a ChatBot

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